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Let the Wild Rumpus Start
I'm Sammi and I'm a 20 year old college student. Lyrics are always my escape and express myself through dance. I believe I am the living Carrie Bradshaw, birthday candle wishes come true, and Lindsay Lohan does have a twin with a British accent. I have tons of best friends and even more celebrity crushes. Sheldon and Dex are my fish and I talk about them like they are my kids. I never fail to come up with crazy ideas that result in getting lost or hurt. I'm very impulsive and laugh at everything.

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AΦ • Zeta Iota • UVA lost a sister this past weekend. prayers and comfort to the family, friends and sorority sisters of Mary Shelley Goldsmith. panhel love and sympathy for your loss….
❤ RIP forget-me-not.



Soon there will be people on the internet that won’t understand this picture. 

The Walmart Game

Best Story Ever

Bad luck Leo





Semi Transparent Randall (matches your blog background (like the real randal!) drag it!)
Made by Totally Transparent

well this is the coolest thing ever
he looks really rad on white backgrounds omg

i think this is what transparency was meant for

Couldn’t not reblog it I’m sorry

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